Sonnenberg v 2.0



Large map with lots of space ! Here we offer you a large farm , horses , pigs, and more!

On the map:
– butcher
– Horse with sales of beet and wheat
– Land Commercial Sale of manure , hay, grass , straw, grain
– Distillery for Potatoes
Sugar beet plant sale
– Schaaf Wollpalettenspawner
– The large fields, small boxes, boxes for medium SP and MP, as well as a suitable auxiliary function
– Wither off
– Fixed PDA including signatures
– Start Vehicles
BGA with a capacity of 6000000
– Almost no Collis available except at the corners of Main and buildings

Changes in version 2 :
– Rebuilt road
– Only 2 car garage on a farm
– Am Hof ​​edited and expanded ways (not as bumpy )
– Car dealers are covered for caviar
– Beschilderrung on the entire map
– At the same horse at the barrier , spawning
– A horse can beet and straw sale
– Start New cars added (for example , combine harvesters , mowers , etc.)
– Fields planted with rape
– New buildings and shelters
– At the BGA can fill refueling , seeds , water
– Created new bands
– Shows the PDA is now set on the basis of each and every property
And much more!



Download: Sonnenberg v 2.0 []
Download: Sonnenberg v 2.0 []


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