Silent Valley Final v Final Update



What can you expect on the map:
– Rejects the map indicated the latest Silent Valley bandit LS11
– Country of Trade was set PaPa
Standard Fruit
– Increase time original
– Border grass in all areas
– For all the fields fertilized
– A total of 11 fields, of which 4 are ready to harvest in the farmer -owned
Agricultural machinery dealers with time ( 07:00 – 20:00 open)
– In order to help, and Courseplay users to all the trees without Collie better gameplay
FoliageLayer installed and 2D trees as temporary –
– Many objects without Collie
– Most of the side of the road mähbar
– The size of the margins between about 0.6 and 3.5 acres
Taken from the original price playing field –
– 3 medium meadows
– 2 outputs > Farm Shop ( original Giants)> Free Trade of the country ( by Papa)
– Agricultural machinery (original giant )
– 1 yard of total livestock ( cows , sheep , chickens and pigs nearby)
– Are the two small neighboring farms as a decoration ( involved in transport missions)
– Adapted Transport and Mähmissionen map
– All transport emissions begin Farnshop or to vacant commercial land
Road Construction Kit v3.0 By Fatian
– Outsourcing of intermediate storage of manure
– Traffic adapted , adjusted milk truck
– Camping with a pond and a small waterfall
– CowWaterMod v3 installed on Marhu
– MapSiloBand Marhu stored on a dunghill / cowzone and pig feed and installed
– Place for a float on the farm
– Straw power plant BigM / blue baby LS13 permanently installed
Adjusted the fermentation of silage and silage BGA / cowzone player friendly –
– Patterns of land set ZeFir_POLAND
– BGA has two hoppers 600 Â ³
And much more …..

Creation in GE 5.0.1 patch 1.4 and patch 2.0 are supported.
Collie was error can only be detected Patch2.0 (Kuhwiese and Anladestellen)
and thus equal to all gates and barriers have been adapted to MapDoorTrigger ( with the exception of agricultural machinery )
Farm shop now you can buy grain and feed

! ! ! rot off ! ! !



Download: Silent Valley Final v Final Update []
Download: Silent Valley Final v Final Update []


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