Löwenstedt v 1.0




Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.


You expect fields of small to large, but these are not purchasable. Maybe this will be implemented for a V2.


Cows, sheep and chickens are found on the map, not pigs, since not every farmer in real life pigs.


Well the card has:
1 Bga (2 silage silos Mountain)
2 villages (pedestrian)
1 Country Trade
1 ATR trade
1 Molkerrei
1 mill
1 Watermill
1 Dealer
1 yard cow pasture fertilizer warehouse (2 standart cows silage silos Mountain)
CowWaterMod installed.


The card runs on the standard fruit oats and rye (enough in my opinion)


Please unzip the file WinRar, there you will also find a trailer that was also rewritten to fertilizer.




Spirit87/Tj87, Giants


Download: Löwenstedt v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Löwenstedt v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]



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