Jenny’s Farm 09 v3



The farm was slightly redesigned and rearranged.
The sheep and chickens are now drawn to the yard to facilitate the work.
It was used to decant for canola, barley and wheat silo with a new hatch. The silo sunflower is still out of service. For corn, potatoes and turnips halls were built with Silobändern, again refer to the fruit.
I also have Silobänder incorporated into the feed storage and manure pit.

After repeated request, I’ve now also installed roll-up doors at the port.

That gives it all:
1 yard with a cow pasture, pigs and small biogas plant.
2 New Store to purchase your equipment for the yard.
4 Dairy Farm and spinning are close together,
5 Mill: sales of grain
6 Port: sale of grain and pigs
7 brewing AG: root crops Sale
Restaurant 8: Adoption of barley and wheat
9 chicken and sheep grazing are now at the farm
10 There are no missions, and the fields are paid!

patch 1.4



Download: Jenny’s Farm 09 v3 []
Download: Jenny’s Farm 09 v3 []


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