Andres Map Multifrucht v 2.0 ru




Short description :


Multifruit card with pigs , with the mod water for animals and garbage wool from Marhu.


In addition to the standard cultures still have cucumbers , tomatoes , onions , carrots , sunflower, triticale , oats , millet, spelled , soybeans , rye and green wheat. Unfortunately, not all cultures are color-coded on the map.


Animal Farm ( chicken coop , cote , grazing cows and two piggeries ) are located next to the farm , all the animals can drink water. Near storage of food animals (grass , hay , straw, feed ) and two stations mixing of feed for the manufacture of animal feed .


Farm size is quite large, enough space to accommodate additional facilities. The scenery is not too much, but it should not be a problem , as there are some placed objects that can be placed on a map.


Milk is not picked up automatically, so you have to take him alone.


The map has a few items for the sale of goods : BGA, port company BayWa, shop equipment, warehouse was built for the sale of slurry and manure , brewery , Selhoztorg , Purchase of vehicles and equipment, Wholesale Market , Vegetable Factory, Purchase wool ( in port ) Meat (selling pork ) and dairy . In the beginning there are 6 fields that belong to you . If you have too much hair , pallets with wool you can sell in Porto. The eggs can be sold to companies BayWa.


Wilting off .






Download: Andres Map Multifrucht v 2.0 ru []
Download: Andres Map Multifrucht v 2.0 ru []



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