Alpental v 1.1



Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.

But then after a few minor bugs have surfaced , here is the version 1.1 of my all known bugs have been improved.

Welcome to beautiful alpine valley. This map is ideal for single-player, but can also be easily played in multiplayer with your friends .

By creating an interesting design . Running the map on older PC ‘s fluid and smooth.

– Decay is: OFF
– Grain maize can be sold on this map only to the pigs directly or verfütter . There is no storage facility !

9 fields from 1 to 6 acres hectares
Standard fruit
3 meadows
Watermod V3 (cows , sheep, chickens )
2 outlets (including vehicle dealers)

Changelog for version 1.1
– Watermod extended to sheep and chickens
Water can now be filled with the standard trailer
– Fixed Cow & Sheep Freeze
– Potatoes are now reaching the final growth stage
– Various changed collisions
– Improved texture Grasschwad
– ” MapHoseRefStation ” for the Eifok ManureMod added (cows )
– Added sentinels in the PDA
– Added milk tanks and sale

Old Scores can be used easily . Simply overwrite the old ” “.



Download: Alpental v 1.1 []
Download: Alpental v 1.1 []


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