Agriculture EXTREME 2013 v 1a



Agriculture EXTREME 2013
Also contains , among other things !
Manure and manure mod – pig fattening – food storage – Mapsiloband – WoolPalleteColector – wash – dung manure and shredded sale and much more.

The first thing I want to tell you that I have three StartVehicles XML files packaged with it!
ie . You can select in which category you want to play !
There are for example :
Vehicles_XML_ArmerLandwirt —- only small vehicles start and stop only a few what you need / for EXTREME gamer
Vehicles_XML_GutBetucht ——– Medium Rich in starting vehicles and equipment managed
Vehicles_XML_MultiPlayer ——– Large vehicles for the start of min. 6-8 players and everything available.

I start the vehicle well off now on ! If you want to change this before it goes as follows :
Open the folder and paste the Vehicles_XML defaultVehicles XML file copying and and overwrite , done. You do not need the map Unzip !

The map is a map completely rebuilt The map is intended as a matrimonial Häckselmap for multiplayer and contractors with Doppelder BGA in the center of the map . As a single player so I think it will be much too large . But you can make it so it a try.

This map has the standard LS13 fruit varieties
Present the feed store right on the farm , manure slurry Grass and Hächslegut is can you make with the Gärterei. Are available ebenfals the cows , sheep and chickens – The cows and sheep grazing in a pasture To get a loan from the bank to pay it back or you have to drive to the village nächstgelegende .

You can leave the fruit types as follows :
Country trade : wheat barley rape maize potatoes beet eggs / still exists a small gas station
Bakery : wheat barley rape maize
Nursery : Grass straw manure slurry Hächselgut
Spinning : Wool
Old Store 1 : Beet
Old Store 2: wheat barley rape maize potatoes
Private Brewery: wheat barley
Rot , decay : is Off

Existing details are eg:
road signs
The lanterns go in the dark to the village
Functioning traffic traffic
Houses have Aben light
Parked cars also have some light at night
and much more.

New features and this Map: v1a
Reduced Visible Animals ie 6 per pasture. Cows , sheep , chickens because the pastures and the gates are very close to one another on the farm
Guidance signs / signs , all made specifically for this map
private Brewery
new textures
Distance mountains / looks like in the Alps nu ^ ^
All unloading were renewed and mistaken Growing with tarpaulin.
Unloading and storage at the old standard for fruits
WoolPalleteColector was incorporated and the same little lower down so you can better absorb the pallets with a fork.
Sugar beet factory was completely rebuilt and installed an additional unloading
added there is also an unloading point for bales and straw.
When the spinning was also some Embellished !
When BackFacktory an egg collection point is added !
Jumping fish trout lake
and much more.

In this map :
Liquid manure and dung Mod……………. . / Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector…………… . / Marhu
MapSiloBand…………………… . / Marhu
Schweinemastanlage…………….. . / Marhu
WaterMod v3.0…………………../Marhu
Sugar Factory ( Old Store ) … . / Trekkerbodo
Waschplatz……………………. . / Matzesft
Ground Texturen………………… . / ZEFIR
Beet Textur…………………… . / ZEFIR
DisdanceHills………………….. . / Mailman
HofSilo was replaced / BGAsilo
Mist – Sale
Manure – Sale
Chopped – Sale
Village bank
No ! standard textures
No Logfehler !
Traffigfahrzeuge and pedestrian
Milk is collected !
Rot , decay : is Off

No other scripts needed are all included ! Only the still in the modfolder !
Please remove the ModScripte before start of your modfolder !

There are 14 fields for farming !
As usual, you can buy the boxes.
To the field variables : all are exactly matched with the thresher of SFM 770TT
Feldgrösen in HECTARE ..
Field No. 01 = 9:58 ha already in possession / with planting / wheat / field needs to be fertilized
Field No. 02 = 30.92 acres
Field No. 03 = 8.99 ha already in possession / with planting / corn / field needs to be fertilized
Field No. 04 = 5.86 ha already in possession / with planting / barley / field needs to be fertilized
Field No. 05 = 27.35 acres already owned / with planting / corn / field needs to be fertilized
Field No. 06 ha = 9:14
Field No. 07 = 8.69 ha
Field No. 08 ha = 7:54
Field No. 09 = ha 16:37
Field No. 10 = ha 19:53
Field No. 11 = ha 21:56
Field No. 12 = 14.61 acres
Field Number 13 = ha 10:58
Field No. 14 = ha 12:53

I have no horseshoes involved in the map and no Misionen !


@Funky, @Beschreibung

Download: Agriculture EXTREME 2013 v 1a []
Download: Agriculture EXTREME 2013 v 1a []


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