Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2




Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.


This final version brings algunas fixes over the previous version. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience.


With improvements in “Map Paradise v1.3″, I could not deploy them on the map Agrarfrost. So I bring to you the revised map. With several new features and improvements.


News as woolpalletcollector, manume mod, vegetation dynamics (correcting the old static where vegetation was not moving).


Added a sugar factory in place of the farm shop, fix the selling price of pigs and implanted a new place to sell solid and liquid manure.


About version 6.2
Greetings lovers of the simulation. After many requests I bring to you a revised edition of the map Agrarfrost. Now we have the water mod. Also I fear many other improvements and tweaks to make the map even better. Probably this is the final version because I’m working on other maps, and this is already sold out. So, enjoy.


The adjustments are modest, but guarantee best fun in the game. For example, I set navmesh creating masks in some objects, so the cows do not pass trees or wooden pillars as it did in the previous version.


The sheds with a discharge station and several central hills being created around you is nothing realistic, however, was one of the ways I have found for you put all their production of straw or grass.


Changelog v7.1 and 7.2
– Fixed pit discharge wheat/grass straw and solid manure (v7.2)
– Original triggers map for potatoes and sugar beet in grainstation avoid lag and no errors in the log (v7.2)
– Fixed problem when you unload beet or potato warehouse in the main farm their FPS drop (v7.2)
– Added water station to feed the animals and use in greenhouses (v7.2)
– fixed problem with woolpalletcollector (v7.2)
– Fixed issue with static ground (v7.1)
– Added sugar factory (v7.1)
– Fixed selling price of pigs (v7.1)
– Added new sheds manure, straw and grass (v7.1)
– Mats with new scripts (v7.1)
– corrected animations (v7.1)
– Manure mod added (v7.1)
– Added woolpalletcollector (v7.1)
– New gardencenter (v7.1)
– New details (v7.1)
– Bugs fixed (v7.1)




Tiago Piloneto


Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2 []
Download: Agrarfrost Final Edition v 7.2 []



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