Rounder next generation v 1.0



– Animated cable (based on the Power-stick scripts)
– Brake pads
– The Warntfafeln to “open up” when uncoupling
– Raise / (decrease of the chassis
– Different heights (among the structures he lifts higher than in the “free”)
– Increasing the speed of the tractor when lifting / lowering (at the shaft from the outside can be switched off)
– Emergency function that automatically lowers the all-rounder when you when raised faster than 10km / h driving
– Tire dust (Giants original script)
– Dynamic operation without pressing “G” (no switching from chassis to build necessary)
Sides and the tailgate can be opened –
– Dangerous warning signs / warning signs
– Tank with the same features as the Fueltrailer of Giants
– Seed build-> fill the seeders right on the box (money is deducted from your account)
– Fertilizer Construction-> filling of sprayers and fertilizer spreaders directly on the box (money is deducted from your account)
– Liquid design -> The geleichen functions as a container field edge with little gimmicks like a glass flask for visual inspection of the level
– Pick up -> Transportation of bales and Wollpalletten (with attacher)
– You have to drive with lowered chassis under construction and lift, or can not be coupled (on the drawbar off)
– Condition of Dehzahlanhebung and attachers, ie whether on or off using stored.
– Changing Warntaflen when uncoupling the FuelAufbau and diesel in it, the warning signs on the building are visible. Or vice versa, if one couples to him, are visible on the chassis.
– Structures can only be disconnected when the chassis has raised


Daniel007, Bluebaby210

Download: Rounder next generation v 1.0 []
Download: Rounder next generation v 1.0 []


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