Arcade mod



Mod Name: Arcade

Author: Djr30f

Tested Version: 1.4.8 steam on new profile without any other mods

This mod changes the game economy, the xp gain rate, the traffic
offences fines, job income,
job xp
Cheaper to hire drivers, drivers get paid less per job, revenue from
hired drivers, hired drivers gain experience faster, you can get more

Experienced drivers – depending the amount of discovered hired
agencies –
Revenue from hired drivers is greatly increased,
Almost 0 damage to truck and cargo,
all default truck engines
are 4 times higher the default horse power, the higher available
default engine in each truck brand has been up rated
to the maximum possible power that does not make the truck jump around
when you accelerate,
all gearboxes are with retarder and much faster
Traffic (cars and trucks with and without cargo) has it’s mass
reduced, so when you hit any traffic, you’ll not lose momentum
and you can easily push all traffic,
retarder efficiency greatly increased to assist in high speed
clutch has been greatly improved – faster gear change, faster
acceleration, all engine power is instantly available with almost 0
clutch slip.
all engines, cabins and chassis are available from level 0 and very
all chassis are all-wheel drive to assist steering, breaking,
stability and to improve handling and grip when you get off road.

Possible conflicts: You may experience conflicts with other mods that
change economy, game physics, default engines, gearboxes, chassis and
add-on’s will mostly be unaffected.

— Attention—

due to the high power of the most powerful available engine in each
truck and the more immediate clutch, the front of the truck,
especially with cargo
will lift, thus making steering difficult. If you release for a bit
the accelerator, front tires will get grip again. If I had corrected
this, all trucks would be
undrivable, no matter the engine, because instead the front lifting
during acceleration, the back would be less predictable, resulting in
spin-off’s and the trailer
in most turns and breaking situations would fold. To counteract this
effect, try starting or accelerating with a higher gear selected,
and the effect is more controllable with a 6×2 chassis (4 steering

Download: Arcade mod []
Download: Arcade mod []


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