Don 1500B Pack



Combine harvester Don 1500B, to him reaper wheat, oats and canola pick for the selection of rolls mown cereal, stacker, PUN and the straw chopper. Mayachek harvester has an automatic, dynamic smoke, run Digital and analog devices, sound in the cabin, soft start and stop of the reel header. In the pack also includes two trailers with a capacity of 4.5 2PTS-22 and 45m3. Trailer Mazhara 45m3 carries grass, straw, silage from the combine, is designed to work with the grain combines with the adaptation PUN, mower KIR 1.5, silage harvesters. Trailer 22 m3 intended for the carriage of grass, straw, silage harvester and out of the pit, working with combines with PUN and silage harvesters, also it is possible to transport bales. In Pak also has two hooks for the standard model, they can be shipped straw, silage, manure, grass.

Working with stacker:
we catch first header!, then stacker, we go to the field that we want to remove, select the stacker key G, close it (press X) and press H, to hire a worker or B, if we want to work for yourself. When the stacker is full, harvester stops and displays a warning about the need to unload the straw. If you are at this time in another vehicle, go to the harvester Tab key and press the left Ctrl and Q. Combine unload straw and continue. If you need to move somewhere combine with full stacker, stacker, select the key of G and press X.

Working with PUNom:
we catch the header, trailer, and then PUN 2PTS-4.5 of this pack, or any other that can transport the straw, we go on the field, select the button PUN G, turn it by pressing X, press B, then H to hire an employee or two, if we want to themselves to work.

Working with straw shredder:
similar handling PUNom but without trailer.
If you want to combine gested straw roll before work does not cover the stacker or turn PUN or chopper, in this case, if desired, to a combine harvester with PUNom or you can attach baler square bales, just do not forget to switch it on before starting work.
Working with us helps to combine information about downloading the combine hopper and stacker or trailer (only for trailers of this pack), which is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen below the clock when we’re on a combine (to see her, stacker or trailer must be selected key G ).

On a relatively large fields can also work combines several in succession. To do this:
customize a selected number of machines to the top of the field, in all their keys = and – put out this amount and include the appropriate equipment installed on them: stacker, PUN or chopper, then turns them on the run on autopilot. At start of each subsequent miner wait to previous walked some distance, so he turns to not interfere with each other.



Download: Don 1500B Pack []
Download: Don 1500B Pack []


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