TSM Map Version 4.x


Here is the new TSM Map Version 4.x. With that version we fixed the bugs which were mentioned us.

New added are the following cities: -> Toulouse and
Bordeaux in France

-> Bochum, Essen, Gelsenkirchen,Recklinghausen und Wuppertal im Ruhrgebiet

Those of you who installed already the new patch (version
1.4.12), shouldn’t have a problem with it. The old map you have to take out and you should put the 4 new trailer in.

But watch out: You have to edit the profile and
activate the new Mods. If that doesn’t happen you wont be able to use them in the actual game!

Because we have the permission from FLD/TZ to use there Mods we added them to it. Because the Mods packet would have gotten to big with the TS Mod we splitted them into 4 little packets. – TSM_Map_4.X_Defs&Mats.scs

– TSM_Map_4.X_Map.scs
– TSM_Map_4.X_Model&Material.scs
– TSM-Map_4.X_TZTools.scs

All of the 4 parts have to be in the Mod folder. Credits: (all our thank yous)
SCS Software for the actual Map50keda for the new company Sellplan und Kaarfor. FLD/TZ for all the new objects (not allowed to free usage!)Kamaz for street signsReislord for street signsKönigszapfen for pictures If we’ve forgotten someone, let us know and we will add you to the list with the next version. ——–
Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map have a Creative Commons license – not commercially – no editing 3.0 Unported Lizenz.Download only the original link from TSM (bitly.com)More informations about all the licenses you will find under http://www.trucksim-map.com erhalten No commercial usage – all the projects are not for commercial usage No editing – You’re not allowed to edited any of our projects. No other download link – You’re not allowed to use an different download link. All the mods you have to downloaded from the TSM Team links.
We wish all the users to have fun and a safely truck ride

The whole of the TSM Team

Download: TSM Map Version 4.x [Depositfiles.com]
Download: TSM Map Version 4.x [Uploaded.to]


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