TheLake with washer and Mistmod v2.0



Welcome to my version of “The Lake”!
Since my first version was so well received and indeed with over 3000 downloads in 24 hours, I thought I’d make time ne 2nd; This version should only be a compensation for the V 1 actually, because there were still some errors known that I here as well as he had removed. Also, some users needs were met here, including the relocation of the BGA. Version, there is no more to give more of myself so keep yourselves with the wishes please contact the Urmapper. Original map is from getsome2030 of the course, I have the full permission remodeling!
You stand on nature? Would you be happy to lead a middle class firm?
You’ve come to the right place!
In the beautiful city, there’s everything your heart desires!
Centrally located ** yard with enough shelter options
In the new yard of “The Lake”, there are new buildings that offer good protection against rain!
Drivable cowshed **
Of course, your livestock must be fed vigorously! The water tank is located at the first “stayer” left (slurry tank entrance), immediately there is the straw feeding place. To the right, in the manger needs to be fed with silage, maize meal and mixed feed! The grass feeding trough can be reached on the yard! Right at the beginning of the driveway in the cowshed your grass and straw bales are accepted for sale!
Futtermischwagen ** – No Thanks!
In the storage area (even placeable), there’s now of course a fully automatic feed mixing plant! Straw, hay and silage storage Tilted front! What, then, is probably out the back? ;)
BGA **? Sure, there’s the here – and in the best location!
After the user wishes BGA is now drawn closer to the farm, I think, frankly, the best solution! Easy to reach – Simply a Great work!
Pig **? All included in the yard!
The pigs have with wheat, barley, maize or Erdfrüchten as beets and potatoes or grass as silage, silage, hay fed with manure and slurry then they produce and reproduce themselves there! The pig trailer “joskin Betimax” will assist you in the sale!
Tip: Instead of the “old” pig (North West) is now built a great new silage mountain. Only needs to be refilled yet ;) So you can find it easier the floor is marked clearly visible at this point.
Sheep … **
The grazing of sheep is next to the cow pasture. Water and feed trough (grass) is located on the courtyard! In order that you do not stress the wool pallets, of course, is the new Collector mod WoolPalette also built the same!
Outlets **
The outlets such as warehouse, garden center, marina, mill, restaurant, pork or dairy sales are split across the map and all within easy reach! Please check out the PDA where you can sell something in order not to make unnecessary tracks!
Water **
Water you can fill up on shop parking lot (small riser wells) or on the northeast side of the lake! If you do not want to drive that far a water tower is now also quite new on the farm has been built!
Milk **
The milk truck is unfortunately the engine overheats – because the dairy is not a substitute available to the milk itself must be brought to the dairy!
Dirty vehicles **?
No problem! A fully functioning washer is directly around the farm!
Missions **?
Everything your heart desires! Including Horseshoe “sammling”
For further questions do not you like in Kommentarbrereich, and also via PM for disposal!
Changes in V2:
Terrain adjustment **
Fixed ** Light Error
Dunghill ** can be emptied again
BGA transplant **
Installation ** silage mountain
Discarded milk truck **
Enclosed mixing station **
Milchmod ** Installation of acert
** Automatic Doors rotated correctly
Pig has moved **
Increased ** meadow 2
Start Vehicles ** got a new starting point
German name outlets **
German Map ** Welcome text
** Cow, Sheep and Chickens “willow” edited (tread)
Minor changes **
Installation ** new dunghill
Camp in the south improved **
Download is a modpack! Please unpack the whole pack in Modsordner! The mods have to be enclosed, otherwise do not run the extras of the map (GülleMod, Milchmod, …)
I can only say it again: THANKS TO getsome2030 that yes this map actually belongs Wonderful! I just copied this time one of the first sentences of his Mapbeschreibung in. “. First i would I would like to convey a special thanks to GHOST78 for his advice and suggestions into the content of the map”
And thank you, too, may they remodel for permission for my liking!
Please note the credits!
Comentars nonsensical logically be deleted immediately, but Kretik is always welcome, we want to learn it all yet!


Wachanlage: buchhauer
Erntelager: Der_Nik
GülleMod: TMT-Team
Silageberg: LS13 Farmer
Mischstation: skydancer
Misthaufen: martinbigm500
WoolPalette Collector: Marhu
Und alle Modder und Tester der Original Map:
dajoun Tunisia
einige kleinere Gebäude aus Mod-Seiten
Danke an euch alle!!!

Download: TheLake with washer and Mistmod v2.0 []
Download: TheLake with washer and Mistmod v2.0 []


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