Wieser Map v1.2



LOG is now 100% defect free!
This was done:
– LOG been edited.
– Launch vehicles have been changed.
– 2 new sales stations were added.
– Pigs mod was added.
– New grain storage has been added.
– Water mod was added.
– Solid and liquid manure mod was added.
– A feed store for grass, straw, animal feed and silage has been added.
– A carport was added to the courtyard, into which you can put under cars and light vehicles.
– Some ground textures have been changed.
– The height differences between the landscape and buildings have been adjusted.
– A new path is created from the farm field to the 14th
– A gathering place for 500 eggs egg (of OutBase52) was installed.
(The eggs collection in MP sees only the host!)
– A hall was added to the merchants.
– And some were still displaced, removed, added, adjusted, …
– It has at the beginning of the panels 14, 15, 16, 17
– The field of 14 was added.
is required!
Have fun playing. : P
Mfg. rappi98
This mod may only be uploaded with the original download link on other sites!


1LS12, HatzFan, Mahru, _PaPa_, Kyosho, rappi98.

Download: Wieser Map v1.2 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Wieser Map v1.2 [Uploaded.to]


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