Volvo FH16



So, you’ll get:

Another truck, which compatible with standard “semi-trailer” type connector,
6*4 scheme,
4-wheel steering,
ESL limiter,
Dust effects,
Illuminated fixtures,
Something else, that I (probably) forget.


This truck – my first try to make something for LS2013, so if something will go wrong (I hope, no), fill free to edit it and re-upload with co-credits.


Model from ETS2 (SCS software),
Converted by Schrod (me),
Some parts from “LS TransportProfis V2” mod, edited by Schrod (yes, it’s me again),
ESL-Limiter Script,
Beleuchtungs Script.

Download: Volvo FH16 []
Download: Volvo FH16 []


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