Archipelagos v1.0



Hi, Platinum Xtreme player – play online together Platinum Xtreme Xtreme request of many players.
Therefore I have the Platinum Xtreme adapted to the beta patch 3rd
A new score has to be started!
I would especially like to thank the modders Marhu who has allowed me to integrate its super mods in the map according to the motto:
A zip file – a game
Try to open two servers are ready to Continental Europe and the game name is:
Platinum Xtreme DS 1
Platinum DS Xtreme 2
Requires only the most new beta patch 3 is to get you to here:

Else has changed compared to the 9.1 only (see pictures).
Please view older versions of the description and images for those who do not yet know the Platinum Xtreme.


Map: Giants Software / Askari
Kartoffel-, Rübenlager: Ganelcer
Futterlager: Ganelcer
Landhandel: Eifok-Team
Unterstand: WayneischGeld
Bogenbrücke: Fatian
Wassermod: Marhu
Schweinemast: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Mischstation: Mahrhu
Zuchtanlagen: Marhu
Schweinestall: Rubiks
Metzgergebäude: Funky
Grastextur: mir unbekannt
Landhandel: TMT

Download: Archipelagos v1.0 []
Download: Archipelagos v1.0 []


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