TA2013 Farm v 2.5

ta2013-farm_1iua20 ta2013-farm_44zyd0 ta2013-farm9tabd


Is the original map with the BGA cow pasture and sheep grazing on the farm!

The BGA plans Cows / Chickens / Sheep are all around the main farm i have even added Pigs to the mainfarm and even move the farm shop closer and made a area for you to put down your greenhouses with a selling point there.

Hope you enjoy i have spent a very long time editing this map and placing objects down one by one to make it feel as realistic as possible

Change log in V 2.5:

1. Made speed bumps go all the way down the road where the butcher house is

2. Added a garden centre

3. Updated PDA to new map and made it in english

4. Put fences around the butcher house and a gate

5. Replace all buildings which doesn’t have textures

6. Added a Food mixing machine next to the Cows

7. Fix not being able to pick up the pigs to sell

I have made some terrain edits so you will have to start a new save data to see the changes if you do not want to start a new save data and do not care if you do not see the terrain edits then rename the map to V2 and not V2_5 and you should be fine to carry on with your old save game


Hyper3007 Bigtony and a big thanks to all the people who have made the buildings i am using E.G NL Modding team

Download: TA2013 Farm v 2.5 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: TA2013 Farm v 2.5 [Uploaded.to]


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