Graphics Fix v 1.0

How to install:
1 – Unzip the downloaded file using WinRAR or Winzip;
2 – Put lowBloom.scs file in My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
3 – Place all files in the folder and copy SweetFX where you installed the game (Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ bin \ Win_x86).
4 – Open the game and activate your dinrofilul lowBloom.scs;
5 – For graphics options, and off anti-aliasing (MLAA) and color correction;
6 – Screenshots to make use Print Screen key F10 does not save images SweetFX effects. The images are stored in the game’s executable file

What’s new in this way:
– Improved Anti-Aliasing
– Effect of focus
– Contrast
– Saturation

For Game Patch: 1.4.X

Author: Desconhecido

Download: Graphics Fix v 1.0 []
Download: Graphics Fix v 1.0 []


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