Plates Weight v 0.5



Dear LS-Com
I have a modded times weight.
It Wirde still a V1. there you can follow
The switch plates above.
Model: Vincent889977
Texture: Vincent889977
Ingame: derlord / Vincent889977
Greetings Vincent889977
The mod can also at other sites on the DL
be offered, but only using the DL-
LINK for all other sites!
The mod may not without the consent of the original modders
not changed and new
be uploaded!
This mod can be released on other sites, but only by
using the DL-LINK for other sites!
It is not allowed to edit this mod and reupload it
without the permission of the modders. You can find the
Mod peut cette liberer à vos homepages corn
seulement avec l’utiliser original lien de cette mod!

Download: Plates Weight v 0.5 []
Download: Plates Weight v 0.5 []


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