Rubber car milk v 1.0 [MP]



Dear LS community,

the TMT team has brought me with her milk cans cars on the idea of building a car for Vintage Milk Can executor. As a basis I used the grain cars from the Classic Pack and completely rebuilt in principle. Permission for the use of milk scripts is available from the TMT team. Special thanks again to make it work on Marhu who gave me the crucial tip too

The log is error-free, at least for me )

With this trailer you can bring yourself to Kuh-/Schafzucht dairy or milk.

Were installed cronies following:

Lighting V3.1


Extra-wheel (careful, you ride with the trailer through an ordered field is destroyed the harvest in general the trailer! stop like in real life.)

-animatedParts (flap can be opened)

Milk transport (otherwise the whole would not even work)

Further receiving are a few gadgets installed:



and a bucket of moves in the trip.

This is my first custom mod and I hope that he likes. Have fun with it!

A new release in an altered form or parts of it requires my consent. I hope you are so fair and hold you.


Schwaki (Gummiwagen),
Marhu, HatzFan und -Kolbenfresser- (Milchfunktion)

Download: Rubber car milk v 1.0 [MP] []
Download: Rubber car milk v 1.0 [MP] []


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