Kenworth K-100 V2.2 by AU44 for 1.4.x


Author 3D model: Ivan and Ols
The author of the original interior for PTTM – laza-truck
Author envelope in ETS-2: AU44
Author Salon: Oleg_Conte, darklorrd
Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte
Test on: 1.4.x, 1.4.8
Fully independent model. Trak you can buy in the showroom Mercedes.
Its interior has its own animation!
Special thanks for help: HaXwell, rus47tam
Updates for Kenworth K-100 V2.2
Perekonverchinaya model under Patches 1.4.x, fixed mirrors, changed the texture on the wheel!
Authorship maintain required!
Authorship necessarily!
If you keep the original distribution of the link!
Thank you (Mishanka) for help in residency!



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