Jeep Wrangler V 1.0 featured



A good, used Jeep Wrangler with a 3.6l V6 engine and trailer hitch. Perfect for smaller transport with trailers. The engine, which it is incorporated in a 2001 Mustang, delivers enough power to pull a trailer with two controllable as lawnmowers. Without trailer a speed of 100 km / h no problem. A JK exhaust system emphasizes the sound of the V6. What are you waiting for, grab this bargain with you!

The – RAR file and extract the “” in the mods – copy folder.

– Interior
– Color change
– Structure in seats / panels
– ENHANCE the texture
– Added normal map for the interior
– Chassis
– Color change to blue
– General texture ENHANCE
Logos / headlights / fog lights / turn signals / license plates, decals, etc. with partially inserted as normal – maps.
– Installed fog lights
– Added front license plate
– Grill now has a grid with dahintersitzendem cooler (not clear)
Normal map for the entire chassis
– Slot located between the windshield and chassis
and a few more little things …
– Wheels
– Added and normal map – marking on tire sidewall as diffuse
– Realistic texture with slightly worn tread and some dirt
– Eliminates ambient occlusion error
– Axes realigned (wheels tremble no more)
– Engine room / doors / roof
– For lack of time I have not had time to complete to texture the engine room / doors / roof … appear in the next – version. Doors and hood will be animated.
– Miscellaneous
– Engine and chassis data modified jeep now runs 100km / h
– Script by Sven777b lighting installed. IMPORTANT: The rear turn signals ARE RED, since it is an American model (!).
– Engine model 3.6l displacement Modified
– Known Bugs
– For me inexplicably, some polygons appear to be black … despite “tangent = true” and aligned normals? If someone has a tip for me what this may be, I beg your info a .. thank you!
– These locations are:
– Inside, under the left air vent
– Rectangle on the rear tubes of the Überrolkäfigs
– Approaches the outer rear bumper
– Lower antenna approach


Sven777b (light Script)

Download: Jeep Wrangler V 1.0 featured []
Download: Jeep Wrangler V 1.0 featured []


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