Cestari 19000L Claas version v1.0



Hi all, I present one of the last works, the 19000L cestari grain cart, the perfect trailer to transport their grain from the combine to the truck or trailer support.
Standars Version
This mod is fully animated with canvas for rain, rising unsistema fully animated, with adjustable discharge direction
As we all know the mods are scattered all over the internet illegally, and for this there is nothing to do, just ask that you respect for the work and who are dedicated modders for the game to be the best for you, I give permission to to the free distribution of this mod ONLY WITH ORIGINAL LINK AND THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS MOD
Follow us!: http://www.facebook.com/BigBossModding


Modelo: Julian11 [BigBossModding]
Texture: Javier007 [BigBossModding] & Julian11 [BigBossModding]
Script: Julian11

Download: Cestari 19000L Claas version v1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Cestari 19000L Claas version v1.0 [Uploaded.to]


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