AwibMap V1.1 to 1.4.8


Password: “AwiBMoD”


The mod has modified nearly 50 cities. Each company has changes in
their cargo areas either obstacles or paths to follow. Also in some
cities were added accidents in construction zones, cutting of trees
and fallen trees, landslides stone areas that hinder the passage
(street stones physical properties), animals crossing the road of
unforeseen, etc..

Other caractteristicas:

-On some level crossings freight train was changed to passengers
Natural-stone Brokers on some roads
-3 Alternative paths: Hannover – Kassel
Verona – Milan
-4 Flood between Praha and Brno
-5 Highway plane crash north near Groningen
6 – Ferry traffic to board

So you see there are more things but the agreement did not he!

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATIONS: Tested in version 1.4.8
Alternative paths require good power truck.
In the difficulties that arise in the courts of the companies may have
to make reverse maneuvers and use, or if you fail at first does not
mean it’s a mistake on the map. In order to try it as a good driver
before report a bug or error.
Given the nature of the mod, mods such as special charges and long
load are not supported.

Made by AwibMoD – Converted by Tutovene

Download: AwibMap V1.1 to 1.4.8 []


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