Homemade weight v1



DIY – Special – front weight
This is a homemade weight, which is the result of pure imagination. So please do not compare with the real formality to start;)
This weight can be done by 8-ton, which even heavy draft Easily can be made.
One can of course also use this weight as a tail weight for loader work.
The weight has the following functions:
lighting V3.1
Warning signs faded
Weight faded out, leaving only the Weiste triangle are
LED indicators
parking light
(Hinzuschalten weights) shift Able Mass.
Basic Weight 500kg
maximum of 8 ton!
to the Weiste triangle (V2)
In the next version will follow a few things:
Weiste make triangle Washable (V2)
Create different animations (V2)
On pallet storable / transportable (V2)
I hope you like my homemade.
Please let constructive comments there:>
Author: Tim Tholen

Download: Homemade weight v1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Homemade weight v1 [Uploaded.to]


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