Low loader v 1.1 [MP]



Since I have a 4-fold Map Games Did I need a trailer to some faster machines on the map to transport. Since it was not for LS13, which I liked, I expanded my search.

On my hard drive I found a 4AchsTieflader from LS09.

I made me ready for the LS13 and use now in my game.

I do not want to deprive you.

I hope you have fun with it and not meggert so hot when he’s not perfect in your eyes.

It’s my first conversion …


LS09: Unbekannt
Konvert to LS13 by Danoor

Download: Low loader v 1.1 [MP] [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Low loader v 1.1 [MP] [Uploaded.to]


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