Löwenstedt v 1.0




Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.


You expect fields of small to large, but these are not purchasable. Maybe this will be implemented for a V2.


Cows, sheep and chickens are found on the map, not pigs, since not every farmer in real life pigs.


Well the card has:
1 Bga (2 silage silos Mountain)
2 villages (pedestrian)
1 Country Trade
1 ATR trade
1 Molkerrei
1 mill
1 Watermill
1 Dealer
1 yard cow pasture fertilizer warehouse (2 standart cows silage silos Mountain)
CowWaterMod installed.


The card runs on the standard fruit oats and rye (enough in my opinion)


Please unzip the file WinRar, there you will also find a trailer that was also rewritten to fertilizer.




Spirit87/Tj87, Giants


Download: Löwenstedt v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Löwenstedt v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]



Standard Reloaded v 2 ohne verroten



It is a standart map Converted from me.

On the map has changed: *** (V1) ***
Cow pasture moved to the farm (milk truck also changed)
Added new barn with ausmistfunktion
New manure pile next to the cow pasture
Inserted second Hofsilo (silage)
Modified grass texture
Garden centers inserted (you can sell manure and manure)
small changes in the court
edited grass on verges
Supervisory wide slightly raised

UPDATE: *** (V2) ***
new ground textures
Incorporated manure and manure mod
Built pigsty with feeding and mucking out
Corrections to the fields
Inserted in the village butcher for sale of pigs
many small bug fixes

All mods are required by!

Copy all files from the archive into the mods folder.



Download: Standard Reloaded v 2 ohne verroten [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Standard Reloaded v 2 ohne verroten [Uploaded.to]

Parking deck v 1.0 FINAL




This building is equipped with a placeable and tank system.
It has space for 32 vehicles, including Maehdrescher.
Of course, devices can be turned off.
The building is divided into 3 levels: Deck A – Deck B Deck C and
Man can enter or leave the building via a staircase of the east side.
Also, the buildings can be easily placed on (!) Uneven Areas.
On small maps, the building is not suitable because I had to keep the Area large, so you may be better with bigger vehicles and driving inside.






Download: Parking deck v 1.0 FINAL [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Parking deck v 1.0 FINAL [Uploaded.to]


Berghof Reloaded 2013 v 2.0




Welcome to the Berghof! There are 16 fields of which you are already fifth


The Verotten off. The milk is collected.


It is built of slurry / manure mod, mod Water and WoolPaletteCollector (15 pallets).


There are pigs and slaughterhouse.
Courtyard with cow and sheep, and chickens.


There are 5 outlets:
Landi – buys all the fruit
Distillery – barley, potatoes
Hotel – corn, potatoes
Oil Mill – rape
Refinery – rape, sugar beet


New to the V2.
– Places load correctly set (to reset the cars)
PDA-map fixed
Manure / dung Mod
– The floating tree was felled and replanted some
Fixed problem with some chicken eggs
– New box textures
– refinery
– Added new roads
– Details such as signs, buildings ect.






Download: Berghof Reloaded 2013 v 2.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Berghof Reloaded 2013 v 2.0 [Uploaded.to]


Deutz DX 90 with front loader v 2.0




Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.


Modell DX: Alex27, Schlüterfan1977 und Modelleicher
Umbau zum Deutz Dx 90 Fl : Deutz1997
Textur: Deutz1997, ffwmaxi
Ingame: Deutz1997, Modelleicher


modelleicher (realExhaustParticleSystemV3, RadsturzV2, zylinderV2, AllradwellenAnimation,Amaturen,hydraulicAnimations, visibilityByAttachedObject)
Sven777b(BelV31, toggleAnimatedParts)


Modell FL: Bullet
Textur: Bullet, ffwmaxi
Ingame: fruktor,Deutz1997
Script: fruktor(Fendt611.Lua)




Alex27, Schlüterfan1977


Download: Deutz DX 90 with front loader v 2.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Deutz DX 90 with front loader v 2.0 [Uploaded.to]


UAZ 469half-track v 1.0




W, A, S, D – driving.
Numpad Enter – or shut off the engine fired up.
Numpad 1 – left turn signal.
Numpad 2 – alarm.
Numpad 3 – right turn signal.
Numpad 4 – opening / closing of the rear left door.
Numpad 6 – open / close the back door on the right.
Numpad 7 – open / close the left front door.
Numpad 8 – open / close the hood.
Numpad 9 opening / closing the front right door.
Numpad 0 – information.
Home – lighthouses.






Download: UAZ 469half-track v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: UAZ 469half-track v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]